Clinic Perimeter Wall Project

Bricks for akougook wall project
Bricks for akougook wall construction project

Our clinic is in an open area and the clinic equipment are at risk of being stolen by thieves.

It is therefore an urgent matter of concern and the team have decided to build a 150 x 80m security perimeter wall around the clinic.

With the help from IHPI, we have already purchased interlocking brick making machine that has so far produced 800 blocks out 20,000 we need to build a wall.

We are raising funds to purchase accessory items such as bags of cements, 2 gates to ensure our fence is complete and our medicines are safe.We are leveraging on our community local youth in making the blocks for the wall including building the wall for one of our admission wards which already has a roof.

Interlocking brick making machine

With the purchase of the interlocking brick making machine, we are able to save project money for construction.

The local price of a bag of cement is $8 which is equivalent to 80 bricks from the machine.

We  shall also be able to use the  machine  locally for social entrepreneurship.