Clinic Renovation Project

The clinic was in a very bad state with the roof structure eaten away by ants causing rain through the structure and accomodating bats.Through the International Health & Peace Initiative we were able to raise funds of up to $4400 to renovate the medical centre.


After Renovation

Solar Installation Project

Akougook Medical Centre is located in a very remote area with no connection to the power grid.

With support from our partners, we contacted Sungate Solar, based in Wau, South Sudan, to see what kind of a solar-powered electrical system we could purchase for approximately $2,000. They proposed a roof-mounted, single solar panel system with inverter and battery wired to the interior of the clinic. This system produces 325 watts of energy. This one solar panel allows Dr. Arik to perform surgery at night and gives him independence from an unreliable and expensive gas generator (one gallon of gas in South Sudan costs $6.62 and requires Dr. Arik to travel about 8-10 hours to purchase).

Ordinarily, a solar energy system like this would cost $2,300, but Sungate Solar graciously gave us a discount so that we could stay within our budget.


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