The Under the Tree school Alumni Team for Better Change at Home.

The founder, Dr Mawien M Arik believes that the ‘future is home’ and that the local talents and potential must be harnessed through engaging local people in various platforms in education, health, vocational trainings and in social entrepreneurship. 

One of the approaches is tapping in knowledge and skills of the Alumni of the under-the-Tree school generations who had the resilience to achieve their academic goals in various fields. 

Akougook Initiative will feature stories of some of the very many Alumni and organize a ‘get together’ reunions back at home to inspire the local children who are still learning in such difficult conditions and also to raise funds to support imminent and pressing issues in Lou-Ariik village. The group will also volunteer their time to support the work of Akougook initiative in the area of interests so that we can collectively alleviate the sufferings of our own people