Maternity ward


A temporary shelter as shown in the picture  has been constructed to serve as patients’ waiting area. However, following the large number of pregnant women that is constantly received and treated at the clinic during child birth, there is currently very limited space to accommodate them and their new- born babies.

To resolve this issue, the clinic management hopes that if more funding and support is availed to this cause, the temporary shelter that is the currently the patients’ waiting area at the clinic will be transformed into a modern and well-equipped maternity ward.



Newly constructed shelter for patients awaiting admission at Akougook Medical Centre
Newly constructed shelter for patients awaiting admission at Akougook Medical Centre

Lack of Water Supply at Clinic

The clinic does not have clean running water supply. There is no water flow within the clinic, health workers had to walk a distance to get water from the communal borehole  to use . Due to this same problem Doctors and in patients struggle a lot as there is never water at the clinic. This is because the old water tank was stolen by thieves.

Recommendation: Since it is very unsafe for a clinic not to have clean running water within, it is recommended that a water pumping system be installed and reserve tanks provided as well to accommodate the large inflow of patients. We need your support here

Drinking from communal borehole

Limited Space

 The clinic is very small and narrow yet it provides services to over 300,000people.  Because the clinic is small, the doctors  treats patients under a tree which is not safe and hygienic especially in times such as these when very strong pandemics like covid-19 break out.

  • Recommendation: There is a great and urgent need to expand the clinic in our available clinic land in order to have a wider treatment area as well as providing a better and up graded treatment place for the patients. This will also help to combat the further spread of Covid-19 through ensuring social distancing especially at the patient waiting area.

Extremely High Temperatures within Clinic

South Sudan is a region with too much sunshine and temperatures are always extremely very high. The clinic is very small.

  • Recommendation: So, for this reason there is need to make the treatment environment more conducive by providing wall fans or fitting the clinic walls with Air conditioning through the use of Alternating current, donate for this course.

Very Old and Insufficient Toilets

The clinic toilets are very old with no doors as they got broken over the years, the toilets are therefore unusable for this reason. Some patients end up using the bush as their places of convenience which is very unhygienic and can lead to the spread of disease like: Cholera, Typhoid, Diarrhoea among others.

Recommendation: There is urgent need to renovate the toilets as well as fitting them with new lockable doors. Contact us for details on how to help.

The toilet block in a bad state

Security Fence

The Clinic is in a very open place near the road side and not fenced at all. Due to this, the clinic has registered several numbers of thefts of clinic property especially the Security lights.

  • Recommendation: As a solution to the matter, there is urgent need to construct a fence around the clinic and fitted with security mesh on top as well as fitting a very safe gate at a full time security personnel at the entrance area. This will stop thieves from constantly robbing from the clinic.
Proposed Brick Fence

Poor Videography and Photography (For Visual donor accountability and data storage purposes)

Lack of a better camera or photography services at the Hospital to aid in the collection of good and quality visual data for reporting and accountability purposes as well as helping in good Monitoring and Evaluation.  The organization is currently depending on phone photography which is very poor. This is not good for the clinic, implementing Organization and above all the Donors/ Funders.

  • Recommendation: In order to ensure good audio and visual data collection for various purposes as mentioned above, but mostly protecting the rights and image of the patients by not exposing them to various individuals’ phones. There is an urgency to purchase a good quality clinic Camera. This will make reporting and M&E more excellent

Lack of Clinic Transportation Vehicles

Because the hospital does not own its own truck for transportation purposes, the team hires a truck to transport construction materials from Wau to Lou-Ariik Village which is quite very expensive.

  • Recommendation: Purchase of a hospital truck to handle all carriage of materials and whenever deemed necessary
Hired Truck for Transportation of Materials