Ogik Koma Basil

Ogik Koma is a medical doctor, a graduate of Medicine and Surgery from Makerere University 2019. Dr. Ogik was born and raised in Gulu, the northern part of Uganda, and attended primary school at Unifat primary school and then proceeded to Hilton high school in Mukono, Uganda. While in high school and medical school, he was part of numerous education and healthcare initiatives that include the Gulu Teens club. Dr. Ogik co-founded this club with a group of teenagers from his high school and home town to help create awareness about the issues faced by teenagers.
Throughout his medical education, he has had the opportunity to be exposed to first-world health care systems in both Europe and North America. As a student, he rotated at Charitĕ campus Benjamin Franklin in Berlin, Germany, and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, USA. As a final year medical student he was invited as a research visit to the prestigious Harvard medical school by professor Alexandra Golby to the Golby laboratory at the Brigham and women's hospital in Boston. Currently, he is a co-founder at Mesacare, an organization established by a group of newly graduated medical doctors from Makerere university to help create awareness about mental health. He is also part of the Data Science for Africa group that was founded to help in the development and deployment of artificial intelligence technologies to help with service delivery in resource-limited settings of Africa.