Founding Akougook Initiative

With the founding of Akougook Initiative (AI) as a grassroots not-for-profit humanitarian organization, its activities and advocacy will be helping the growth and development on Health, Education and Peace-building in the region and more especially in remote villages in South Sudan. There is hope that lives of women will be rescued from preventable conditions during child birth deaths, children will be sent to school to learn in descents concrete classrooms so that they undertake at least quality education. With Akougook Initiative strategy of ‘Health, a Bridge to Peace’, and peace-building programs, relationship, respect and trust will be restored more particularly among the inter-clan and tribal conflict affected area of Lou Ariik Village in Tonj North County, Warrap State. The community is isolated and badly cut off by lack of road network especially during rainy season to reach out to a population estimated to over 300,000 people settled in the swampy areas, without assistance of any kind reaching their end now for so long.

 Akougook Initiative will pilot its three arms of services in Lou Ariik village with intentions to extend to other remote villages that needs assistance and support with availability of resources, our humanitarian hands, hearts and minds can quickly extend far and wide in the country

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  1. inspired, local problems requires local people to generate solutions, thumb up Akougook Initiative!

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